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Print on wood

Due to delivery problems of the wood, the prints on acacia wood are currently unavailable.
I am searching for an alternative, please contact me if you want to stay informed of the progress.


All my photos can be bought as a photo on wood. When printing on wood, the wood structure remains visible, thus accenting the coarse grain and abstract shapes that are so characteristic in my style. The photos are printed on acacia wood with FSC label, and have a thickness of about 2 centimeters (18 millimeters).

The dimensions and prices can be found below, as well as additional information. You can order or request for information by mail to or by filling out the contact form.

Blue bombshell_aClick for the sample photos of FLOWERS


Sailing on the ocean breeze_aClick for the sample photos of LANDSCAPES AND SEASCAPES



Square photos are available in the following sizes (dimensions rounded to whole centimeters, actual size plus or minus 0.5 cm):

Size (in cm, rounded) Price
hight width incl 21% VAT
20 20 € 29,95
30 30 € 42,95
40 40 € 59,95

Rectangular photos are available in the following sizes (dimensions rounded to whole centimeters, actual size plus or minus 0.5 cm):

Size (in cm, rounded) Price
hight width incl 21% VAT
20 32 € 39,95
30 48 € 59,95
40 64 € 79,95

Other sizes are possible, of course, depending on the proportions of the original photograph. Also larger dimensions are possible, through a clever coupling system in the width of the planks, it is -in principle- possible to make every width size, the length of the plank is a maximum of about 2.2 meters. Send an email with your wishes and I answer with the options and prices.

Do you own a(n) (internet) shop and you are interested in selling these pictures on wood? Please email or fill out the contact form and you will receive an interesting offer!

The photos of 20×20 cm and the photos of 20 x 32 cm are supplied with a simple and practical stand, which makes it possible to place the photo on a desk, cabinet or shelf.

Steuntje voorkant

Delivery in the Netherlands within 6 to 10 days. For delivery in other countries a proposal will be sent on request. All prices include 21% VAT and packaging, but exclude shipping. The shipping options and associated costs will be emailed you before the order is finalized. The panels of 20×20 and 20×32 cm can be sent as parcel post (Netherlands € 3.95).


Steuntje achterkant

Return policy

From the time you receive your photo on wood from the postal or courier, you have seven (7) days to decide whether to keep it or return it in its original condition and packaging for a refund.

I also require the photo to be shipped out by you within three (3) days after confirming by email to that the work will be returned.

So, if you receive a photo on wood and are not fully satisfied, you have:

  1. Seven (7) days to contact me by email about your intent to return the photo
  2. Three (3) days from the day you contacted me to ship out the photo through a traceable method and provide me by email with the shipment’s tracking number.

If you do not notify me of your intent to return the photo within 7 days of receipt or you do not ship the photo within 3 days of notifying me, you will NOT be eligible for a refund.

Returns will be accepted only if the product is received by me complete, undamaged and in the original packaging. The amount paid (including the original costs for shipping the photo to you) will be refunded to your bank account, the costs for a return shipping are for your own account.



Wood is a natural product, and so is the acacia wood with FSC label of which this panel is made.

Light, temperature and air humidity have an effect on wood. (Direct) sunlight can discolor the panel. High humidity makes timber expand, at low humidity it shrinks. The panel is composed of a number of glued-together shingles. When the air is dry and/or when the temperature in the space is high, cracks or crack particles can become visible. As soon as the humidity increases again and/or the temperature drops, usually these cracks and crannies align themselves naturally. In a worst case scenario the adhesive might release, or there may remain a tear or crack.

So: don’t put the panel in direct sunlight, nor behind a window. Don’t hang this panel directly over a heat source (radiator, stove, fireplace, television, etc.).

Don’t clean the panel with (water with) detergents, just wipe with a damp cloth.

Although the ink is water-resistant, the panel is not. Therefore do not hold under the faucet or put it in water. Do not hang the panel outside where it can get damp or wet from rain or fog.

The ink is applied in a thin layer, therefore be careful when touching the front with hard or sharp objects.


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