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From 4 till 6 October 2019, I will participate in the group exhibition that is part of the yearly

The location of the Fotofestival is Thisted, North Jutland, Denmark, in various public buildings.

I will exhibit 20 framed fine art prints, which will be on display at Thy Teater, Frederiksgade 5, 7700 Thisted . Even after the photo festival weekend, my photos can still be seen in the theater. My exhibition will last until December 2019.

The coming 2 weeks, after bringing together selected photos and second hand picture frames, I will show the works on this page. Most of the works will be for sale as Open Edition or as Limited Edition of 4, for you to chose. As a Limited Edition the print is signed, numbered and provided with a certificate of authenticity.
Since the photos are not printed yet, the artworks below are photo montages of the frames and the chosen photos.

For the other participants, see the website of the Photo Festival. Access to all exhibits is free of charge.

Withered I - Abstract realistic flower photograph in an old frame for my next exhibition on in Denmark

Withered I (photo montage)

Photo size:  55W x 41H cm / 21.6W x 16.1H inch
Frame size: 65W x 50H cm / 25.6W x 19.7H inch
Open Edition DKK 1600 / € 215 / US$ 235
Limited Edition DKK 3200 / € 430 / US$ 470

An evening at the beach - photo montage of this photo in an old picture frame

An evening at the beach (photo montage)

Photo size:  50W x 35H cm / 19.7W x 13.8H inch
Frame size: 63W x 48H cm / 24.8W x 18.9H inch
Open Edition DKK 1250 / € 165 / US$ 185
Limited Edition DKK 2500 / € 330 / US$ 370

Silent darkness - photo montage for the exhibition - Abstract realistic forestscape by Jacob Berghoef

Silent darkness (photo montage)

Photo size:  75W x 30H cm / 29.5W x 11.8H inch
Frame size: 81W x 36H cm / 31.9W x 14.2H inch
Open Edition DKK 1600 / € 215 / US$ 235
Limited Edition DKK 3200 / € 430 / US$ 470



All photos are giclée / inkjet prints on museum quality Fine Art Cotton Paper (Sihl MASTERCLASS Smooth Matt Cotton Paper 320 g/m2) and mounted on 5 mm hard foam.

See below why I use second hand picture frames. If you like the photo but don’t like the frame, simply remove the frame and have the print on hard foam framed in a frame of your choice. Contact me if you would like me to reframe the fine art print for you.

All sizes Width x Hight, rounded to whole centimeters.

Prices include VAT, shipping costs not included.

If you buy one of the exhibition artworks, it will be shipped / handed over after the official Fotofestival weekend.

Why do I use second-hand frames?

First of all to make a statement: way too many good used items end up in the landfill or incinerator.

Secondly, because I think that choosing a frame is just as personal as choosing a work of art. Of course I can frame the print in a beautiful design frame, but there is a good chance that the buyer will pay a lot of money for a frame that he does not like, or that does not fit in his interior.
This second hand frame is cheap, plus I give it to you for free.

So I choose a cheap frame with a message, the buyer can decide whether he leaves the fine art print in it or replaces it.

If the frame is damaged, I repair it with a striking gold-colored paint: wabi-sabi, the art of the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Do not hide an imperfection, accentuate it with a beautiful and eye-catching repair.

Denmark has a tradition of re-using all kinds of inventory and other things. Even in the smallest villages there is at least one second-hand store. And very often the stores are run by the church or by an aid organization, the proceeds are then intended for charity.



Preview before purchase
Do you like one of my photos and do you consider buying it, but want to see how it looks in your interior beforehand?
Follow the steps on the page Preview before purchase and I’ll send you a photomontage of the desired photo in your office, living room, bedroom or any other room !

Questions or orders you can send to me by filling out the contact form or by email to



All content   © C O P Y R I G H T    Jacob (Jaap) Berghoef, 2016-2019

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