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Creative Coaching of Fine Art Photographers

Are you not a fine art photographer, but a visual artist who works with another medium, who would like to be coached? Continue reading, I would love to work with you too !

What do I mean by Creative Coaching?
Not that I coach you specifically in the creative field, although I will surely give my opinion on that and give comments on technique etc.
I mean that the way we work together in this is creative and completely tailored to what you need !

You ask, I give. Or I give without you asking.

What do I give you? My thoughts, tips and tricks about what you do, where and how you present yourself, where and how you present your work, how you use LinkedIn and other social media…

Everything you want to know more about, as long as it relates to the art you make.

How? By messenger and / or mail.
You always receive an answer, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few days.
If you want to come to Denmark for a workshop or training, you are always welcome. If so, we then discuss a fee for that.

How long? That’s up to you. If you stop asking questions and tell me to not longer give you advice without you asking, it stops.

Cost per hour or per question? No. A modest monthly fee.

An agreement? No, based on trust, and on what we ‘talk’ and agree about in our mails or messages.

My coaching is just as intensive as you want and need, and can vary along the way: half an hour a day, 5 times 5 minutes a day, or 15 minutes once a week, or….
So you can easily do it alongside all the other things that you already do, or that you have planned…

I never want to offend you, but my comments and questions can be confronting. It is always material to think about, if you are able to step over your primary response and feelings, and investigate what it means or could mean to you. It will help you to make the choices that have to be made to show to the world the artist that is inside you.


Interested? Send me a mail and ask whatever you want to know about it !




All photos on this website are available as Open Edition fine art print and as Limited Edition fine art print in any size, on fine art cotton paper up to a maximum size of the shortest side of 110 centimeters ~ app. 43 inches*, unless a photo specifies that certain editions / sizes are no longer available.

*Ask for the maximum sizes on other types of paper.

Do you like one of my photos and do you consider buying it, but want to see how it looks in your interior beforehand?
Follow the steps on the page Preview before purchase and I’ll send you a photomontage of the desired photo in your office, living room, bedroom or any other room !

Questions or orders you can send to me by filling out the contact form or by email to



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