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P2P – Photo to Painting: Uwe Pietsch

Uwe Pietsch is one of my LinkedIn contacts. He is currently still working as a planning engineer, but he wants to use the opportunity that is offered to him of early retirement in March 2020, and thus start his “second life” and focus 100% on painting.
Uwe has defined as his first goal in his life “personal satisfaction with his paintings”, which he now has already achieved.
However, in anticipation of his retirement, he wanted to translate this first photo ‘Origin’ as his definition of a P2P cooperation with me. He called it P2P “Photo to Painting” and thus make an interpretation of one of my photos in his own artistic way.

Below his first painting ‘Experiences With Light’, followed by the photo that inspired him.
(click to enlarge)

P2P Experiences with Light (Passepartout) - Abstract expressionistic water color painting by Uwe Pietsch

P2P Experiences With Light (with passepartout)

40W x 30H cm on 250g water color paper with classic standard water color paint

Origin - Experimental abstract realistic fine art photo by Jacob Berghoef


‘Origin’ is a new experimental photograph, made with a digital camera without using a lens.
It is the first result of a search for light in its purest form.
Visit the gallery Experimental photography


Something that I find very interesting is that Uwe has documented the various phases of the birth of his painting. A fascinating story of creativity !
(click to see the photos enlarged)

2. 20191012_P2P Space_Hole_Idea

3. 20191012_1835 Exp. w. Lights (idea2)

4. 20191020_143602 P2P Exp. W. Lights(1st color)

5. 2019_10 P2P Exp. w. Light (2nd draft w. wet color)

6. 20191023_0004 P2P Exp. w Light(dry)

7a. 20191026_P2P Exp. w Light(2nd backgr.upd)

7b. 20191026_P2P Exp. w Light(2nd backgr.upd.)

8a. 20191027_P2P Exp. w Light(photo1 wet)

8b. 20191027_P2P Exp. w Light(photo1 wet Galaxy)

8c. 20191027_P2P Exp. w Light(photo1 dry Galaxy)

8d. 20191027_P2P Exp. w Light(test page photo stars)

9a. 20191029_P2P Exp. w Light(FINAL stars)

P2P-experiences with light - Abstract expressionistic water color painting by Uwe Pietsch

10. P2P-experiences with light – Ready


© Uwe Pietsch and Jacob Berghoef (LinkedIn profile, opens in a new tab)



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